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Torga Lens Technology

Torga Lenses are made using the latest German precision lens technology

Torga Optical manufactures lenses using sophisticated German precision free-form lens technology in our state-of-the-art Lens Laboratory.

Freeform technology, developed in Germany, allows for an unparalleled level of precision and customisation in creating optical lenses.

What lenses are available?

  • Single vision or single view lenses are mostly used for correcting one field of vision - either far distance, intermediate (computer distance, for example) or near. 
  • Bifocal lenses are designed for near and far distances. This lens contains two different prescriptions and is divided by a visible line approximately half way down the lens itself. The upper half is for distance vision, while the lower half of the lens is for near vision.
  • Multifocal lenses (also known as progressive or varifocal lenses) allow for far distance, intermediate as well as near vision. This type of lens has no visible line. Torga Optical's multifocal lenses offer extremely wide fields of vision with excellent clarity and comfort. Torga's FlexiVue multifocals are manufactured using the latest high-definition digital process giving you the maximum number of pixels possible for every view.


Lens materials

There are a variety of different lens materials. Each materials is made up of different chemical compositions with varying properties and benefits. Torga Optical considers the following four, most important, properties when recommending lenses to patients.

These are:

1. the cosmetics or the shape of the lens

2. the clarity

3. the weight 

4. and the strength of the lens


Your specific visual needs in addition to your lifestyle will play a part when deciding which property is most important and therefore which lens material to use.

Some of the commonly used (and best quality) lens materials used include the following:

- CR39

- Polycarbonate

- Trivex

- MR 8

- MR 10

- MR 1.74